Candice C. McKie

Candice Clark McKie is a Project Manager with Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2). Her work focuses on using quantitative and qualitative methods to help communities and organizations understand the environment in which they operate, leading workforce development research projects, and managing the Economic Development Research Program (EDRP), which focuses on providing research services to rural and distressed communities. Additionally, Ms. McKie performs economic and fiscal impact analyses and is the lead Project Manager for tourism investment validation studies.

Prior to joining EI², Candice worked as a Program Analyst for the Gwinnett County Division of Economic Analysis. During her four years with Gwinnett County, Candice was responsible for conducting various research projects; tracking and analyzing economic and demographic data; and reporting trends in internal memorandums and external published newsletters. While at Gwinnett, Candice also constructed econometric models for forecasting revenues and prepared fiscal analyses to inform elected officials’ decision-making processes. She received her Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness and Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia.

Candice McKie
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