Coweta County Workforce Analysis

Just a 30-minute drive south of downtown Atlanta, Coweta County’s location, available properties, and quality of life are attractive to companies looking to expand or relocate their operations. When deciding where to locate, companies also consider the availability of a skilled workforce as an important factor. Recognizing this importance, the Coweta County Development Authority, City of Newnan Business Development Department, and the Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce launched a joint initiative to better understand the quality and quantity of Coweta County’s available workforce. As an initial step, the Coweta County Development Authority submitted a successful application to the Economic Development Research Program (EDRP) for an analysis of their workforce. The Center for Economic Development Research (CEDR) at Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) assisted the Coweta County Development Authority by conducting research and analysis through the EDA University Center grant program.

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CEDR’s analysis built a broad-based assessment of Coweta County and the surrounding community. This provided a framework to understand the region’s evolving demographics and economy. Using this framework, CEDR measured both supply and demand of the workforce, identified driver industries and their occupations, and took a more in-depth look at office and professional jobs.


Photo from the University of West Georgia, College of Business

Based upon the demographic and economic data analyzed, the supply and demand of workforce, and the occupational analysis, CEDR developed a list of next steps for the Coweta County Development Authority and its local partners to consider. These recommendations addressed four broad areas, including: 1) industry engagement; 2) developing a strategy to retain local workforce; 3) working with local educational institutions to track student placement data; and 4) confirming and/or refining target industries.

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