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The Center for Economic Development Research has decades of experience measuring the health of local economies. What services can we offer your community?

Fiscal Impact of New Economic Development Projects – Need to estimate the impact of a new economic development project? Our model can do it. We invented the model that is now the industry standard for analyzing local fiscal impacts, the LOCI™ fiscal impact analysis model. It estimates how a proposed project or action impacts your community’s fiscal outlook. It describes the value of the project by showing how the project affects your community’s revenue and service needs.

Fiscal Analysis of City Expansion/Creation – Need your constituents to understand the impact of creating or expanding a city? Our staff can model changes to county revenues that may result from municipal incorporation. Using LOCI™, we can estimate the consequences to your community’s fiscal outlook by showing the adjustment to your community’s revenue and services needed to keep your books balanced.

Economic Analysis of Industry – Need to gauge the economic benefits of industries in your community or industries that you want to attract? Our staff can help. We use the industry standard to analyze economic impacts, IMPLAN, an impact model developed by the Minnesota Implan Group. It measures the impact of an industry in direct terms, such as jobs and payroll and describes economic impacts at the county, region, and state levels. It can build on the LOCI™ fiscal impact analysis to estimate regional multipliers, showing the indirect and induced economic impacts of the industry. Our analysis can further provide earning and expenditure impacts, tax analysis, and bank deposit analysis.

Tourism Validation & Impact Analysis – Need to know if a proposed tourist attraction will meet the legislative requirements needed to qualify for development tax credits? Our staff can provide the objective and thorough research needed to ensure that all requirements are met. We can validate assumptions regarding out-of-state visitor attendance, assess the tourism project’s impact to the state and local economy, and independently review other requirements. Our analyses have validated tourism projects to ensure they qualify for tax refunds through the Georgia Tourism and Development Act.