Strategic Planning

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Community Assessment & Profile

Need a comprehensive description of your community? Our staff will review existing data sources, research reports, and planning documents concerning your community. With this research, we can assemble a simplified but thorough profile of your community, providing a vital baseline for subsequent studies.

Target Industry Analysis

Need to know what industries are best suited for your community? We can define and identify the industry clusters that thrive in your community. Our team will analyze the critical dynamics revealing your community’s strengths, workforce availability, and local assets and resources. We help you identify the key industry sectors and niches so you can focus your economic development activities.


Partnership Development

Need to connect community leaders, business leaders, and local stakeholders? Our staff can develop and implement a strategy tailored to your needs that builds a network of innovation, entrepreneurship, and opportunity in your community. Typically, we build partnerships by encouraging collaboration among institutions of higher-education, the private sector, and local government. We search for cost-effective solutions to meet the goals unique to all partners involved.