Upcoming: Incentive Strategy for the Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County Development Authority

Starting this August, the Center for Economic Development Research will work with the Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County Development Authority to create policy guidelines for local economic development incentives. The research will look at existing plans and guidance from the city and county. With this and with input from local leaders, the project team will recommend a set of policies and incentives to help the community become more competitive while being responsible with taxpayer resources. Some of the recommendations may include policies for tax and fee reduction, strategies for review process acceleration, and cost/benefit analysis guidelines. The project team expects to conclude in October with a final report detailing their incentive policy recommendations.

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Project contact:

Alfie Meek, Ph.D.

Phone: 404-385-1340 | Fax: 404- 410-6910

Email: ude.hcetag.etavonninull@keem.eifla

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